Sight Reading Violin Music

“I can play, but I can’t read music!”

The answer to this frustrated cry is right here. Sight Reading Violin Music lets you use your ear to get started. Then, you will use symbols along with your ear in the speed builders. Finally, you will use only the symbols to ‘figure out’ the short pieces in each key. You will cover the major keys through four accidentals (sharps and flats). You will know the difference between major and minor.

“It all looks like chicken scratch to me!” No problem. Use the finger charts and diagrams first. Or try the single-line staff; get someone to help write out some other songs you know in single-line notation.

“My Twinkle beginners get the parts of the song mixed up; then, they forget where they are in the song.” This little snafu is universal. Use the icon cards in the appendix. The “B” section of Twinkle is shaded. This gives the young student a much needed picture of the ABA form.

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